“It is not enough to be compassionate, you must act” – The Dali Lama

Read our latest post regarding the autism spectrum and the joy of sharing of our time and money with an important cause!

It is our sincere gratitude that we present our thanks to the personal injury lawyer dallas who has given of his time, talents and has offered up money for the charitable causes that benefits families and the things that move the world forward and strengthen those with less fortunate circumstances. It is the desire of many freedom-loving Americans that the government not be the one to provide all of the funding for things of this nature. If we become dependent on a nanny-state, then we will forfeit some of the greatest blessings in this life which come only when we gladly, willingly, and lovingly give of our money and time to serve others.

Once spoken by C.S. Lewis, it is a thought that would be good to master for many of us: if we are not giving enough and sharing and sacrificing and generously giving of our means to the extent that we feel a pinch or a sting from the sacrifice, then perhaps it is not a sacrifice but rather a motion. If we are simply going through the motions and not offering up our actual sacrifice in time and money to the extent that it somehow impedes our own lifestyle, then we might not actually be sacrificing at all! Consider pinching your budget a little and donating to a cause which you believe in. The cause does not need to be this one, but if you give, if you serve, you will be blessed and possibly even more importantly, the people with whom you share and whom you serve will be blessed!
Travis LaBoy Foundation
PO Box 831
Larkspur, CA 94977
415 258-SACK (7225)

Travis LaBoy Foundation Board Members

Travis LaBoy Angela Curley Linda Kirby Margret Ortiz

Advisor to Board

Deb Grant, California Autism Foundation

Thank you for your interest in the Travis LaBoy Foundation. Travis wants your help to tackle a threatening opponent, Autism. This season, for every sack Travis LaBoy has, he will donate $500 toward autistic causes for kids in Arizona. Be a part of this great incentive program by pledging your support in any amount. All Cardinal fan donations will go to causes in Arizona.

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Your donation will help support a combination of educational, recreational and physical activities designed to support children with autism and families of children with autism. Tribute donations can be made in honor or memory of someone special. We will gladly send notification of your gift.